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     Xin Tiho Technology is committed to research and product accurate measuring equipment for the domestic manufactu- ring industry/universities,research institutes and provide advanced measurement equipment as well as related techniques. The company based on high technology and services to enterprises, that offer services with professional, timely,efficient and high quality.After nearly ten years of development, we have achieved leapfrog development. Only with a high starting Point can we have higher quality, elegant environment, advanced equipment and efficient team, which has created a lot of high  quality products. quality the first , customer the superme, the user supreme, the company fully passed ISO9001:2008 inter-national quality system certification,Is the largest in the Chinese market one of the three coordinates measuring machine   manufacturer.Careful management, has enjoyed a high reputation,the products cover all provinces in China, has been expo-rted to east Asia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and other countries and regions,customers in mo-re than 10000, throughout the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mould, fixture,many fields such as electronics, machi-nery manufacturing, research and development of new products constantly, meet the needs of the consumers.

Optical Measuring


High-definition CCD, fast and accurate positioning, a healthy operation, easy  to use

Online measuring


High-definition imaging, unattended trigger sensing, automatic sensing of workpieces

Three-Coordinate Measuring


Good system scalability, high positioning acc-uracy, quick picking speed, good stability


Measurement System is one of the integral part and step in many application industries to measure th


“Optical measurement market to grow at a CAGR of 6.87% between 2018 and 2023”


In the world of digital manufacturing, where machines are capable of making parts to micron accuraci

Create industry seeker for precision
measuring equipment

We adheres to "integrity management, customer first" to meet customer needs to continue to innovate and develop, make the product become     cost-effective, efficient, high precision. Develop more perfect products with the collective wisdom of technical experts and technicians within the  company and abroad.