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    Xin Tiho Technology is committed to research and product accurate measuring equipment for the domestic manufacturing industry      universities,research institutes and provide advanced measurement equipment as well as related techniques .The company based on high technology and services to enterprises, that offer services with professional, timely, efficient and high quality.After nearly ten years of         development, we have achieved leapfrog development. Only with a high starting point can we have higher quality, elegant environment,   advanced equipment and efficient team, which has created a lot of high-quality products. quality the first , customer the superme, the user supreme, the company fully passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification,Is the largest in the Chinese market one of the three coordinates measuring machine manufacturer. Careful management, has enjoyed a high reputation, the products cover all provinces in China, has been exported to east Asia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and other countries and regions, custom-ers in more than 10000, throughout the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mould, fixture, many fields such as electronics, machinery   manufacturing, research and development of new products constantly, meet the needs of the consumers.

Product and Service

Three-Coordinate Measuring Machine series of products(Longmen and bridge type), three-coordinate product measurement, service, upgrade, transform-ation, technical service and training.

Three-dimensional (3D) scanner series products (optical copy machine), reverse engineering services; 3D printer series products, 3D printing services.

Two-dimensional image measuring machine, automatic image measuring instrument Large-stroke automatic gantry image measuring instrument.

Intelligent equipment robot, online measuring machine, visual automatic measurement, product screening, non-standard function customization service.

National high-end technology projects to undertake, production, research and development, customization, personnel training services.

National high-end technology project acceptance,Production, R&D, customization, talent training services.

Our Advantage

1The core technology and independent intellectual property rights

Three coordinate measuring machine(CMM) is a high-tech machinery and equipment, its mechanical structure design, control system, probe system and   measuring software and aspects of technical content. Shenzhen Xin Tiho Technology co., LTD has R&D center in Shenzhen,Shanghai and kunshan, and has set up a wholly-owned software development company, covering the whole of the CMM R&D, design, technology, production and service. Only with  a full set of independent intellectual property rights, which could guarantee the quality and performance of CMM .

Two-dimensional Visual measuring Machine(VMM) is the intelligent mechanical equipment that measuring complex 2D plane and simple 3D measurements, which has a great breakthrough on the speed and convenience. This is better than CMM, and so widely in industry that better service for industrial ente- rprises. Movement control CARDS and measurement and control software have independent intellectual property rights. After years of user authentication,  reliability and stability is greatly. The Online Measurement and other products are R&D and manufacturing nearly 8 years, add vitality and technological     achievements for Xin Tiho.

2、Product Diversity

Xin Tiho Technology after nearly 10 years development and accumulation, There are 4 series of products (CMM, VMM, The Online Measuring Equipment)   and 9 categories of more than 116 kinds of geometric measurement products,online measurements and molding machine.The company are nearly includes all of the coordinate measuring machine on the market, and can meet the market demands of geometry size detection and molding for most companies.

3、Market Coverage

Xin Tiho products throughout all provinces in China, has been exported to east Asia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and other co-untries and regions. Customers more than 10000, throughout the many field such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, mould, fixture, electronics,ma- chhinery manufacturing and so on, is one of the largest coordinate measuring factory in Chinese.

4、International Brand, the resource sharing of globalisation

Xin Tiho is the largest three coordinate measuring machine manufacturing enterprise in the domestic, its technology from the cradle of precision measurement technology - Italy. Xin Tiho adhere to independent research and development, at the same time, pay attention to the communication with leaders of   machinery, measuring field in the world, and put the international advanced measurement technology, precision machinery manufacturing concept to the R&D and production. It is the reason of Xin Tiho can continue to keep technological important reasons.

5、User authentication and certification authority

Product stability after the validation of Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, BYD, Lenovo, GAC GROUP,Shenzhen University,China Electronics, Galanz, Tenroku, TCL, Skyworth, Foxconn, CHINO-E, Dongfeng Automobile and other well-known enterprises.

6、 Higher Measuring Accuracy

A higher measuring precision and spatial accuracy of measurement, can provide economical high speed laser scanning solutions, CCD non-contact image measurement progranm, so as to expand the application areas of measuring machine. A long production history, with the research and development,prod-uction,installation and debugging of most engineers have more than 15 years of three coordinates (three dimensional) experience (from Qingdao outpost).

Integrated Service System

Take the customer as the center,Strive to make customers moved is the service aim of Xin Tiho, therefore we have set up more branches across the country. The branch relying on Xin Tiho technology advantages, To provide users with solutions, measurement technology and optimization, project consulting and design, coordinate measuring equipment management and maintenance, after-sales service planning and implementation, user satisfaction tracking and   analysis services such as foreign institutions , which is the important component to establish a set of complete technical support system.

Xin Tiho Technology take measuring technical support center as the core,cooperate with technology R&D and software support,established a full set of te- chnical support and service system, our purpose is based on user demand, planning and provide targeted and applicability of measurement solutions, and  verified by spot application, the optimization and innovation, at the same time take maintenance and upgrade for the existing testing (equipment) system  of users, so as to help users to improve the measurement efficiency and accuracy, reduce production cost, improve market competitiveness. Xin Tiho have branchs in south China, north China, southwest and east China , also have Development Department, Marketing Department, Production Department,Off-  ice, After-sales Service Department, Training Department and other institutions.Companies adhere to scientific standardized production management, have the courage to participate in market competition, innovation, wholeheartedly contribute to advanced technology products and high quality, comprehensive service support to the masses of customers .


Quality principle

Quality is dignity, quality is efficiency

Service philosophy

Professional, efficient, sincere and more satisfied with customers

corporate vision

Become a world-class measuring instrument equipment and supplier

corporate mission

Lead the world's smart measurement equipment, let smart measurement equipment improve people's working methods, help customers build first-class smart factory