Role of electronic measuring instruments in the   development of various industries
Electronic measuring instrument is a unique related strategic industry, and its own  development is good or bad. It has a very obvious influence on the development of  the entire national economy, especially the electronic information industry. The market for and demand for electronic measuring instruments in China are huge, and elect-ronic measuring instruments play a crucial role in the development of the electronic   information industry. At present, Chinese electronic measuring instruments are in the second development opportunity since the founding of New China,mainly due to the development of the Chinese economy. Two changes have taken place in the Chinese economy: one is to upgrade the industry and the other is to innovate independently. An industry needs electronic measuring instruments to complete the selection of ra- w materials, monitoring of production processes, testing of products, and industrial   operations.Therefore,electronic measuring instruments shoulder the historical mission of upgrading and independent innovation of other industries.

Application of Imaging Surveyor in Industry

Imaging measuring instrument is a new kind of precision geometric meas-uring instrument. With the development of technology, it has become one of the most commonly used measuring instruments for precision geometry measurement. Image measuring instruments use image measuring heads    to collect images of workpieces and extract coordinate points on the surf- ace of various complex shapes of workpieces through digital image proces-sing techniques. The coordinate transformation and data processing techn-ology are used to convert the various geometric elements in the coordinate measurement space to calculate the actual size, shape and position relatio-nship of the measured workpieces.


Measurement System is one of the integral part and step in many application industries to measure th


“Optical measurement market to grow at a CAGR of 6.87% between 2018 and 2023”


In the world of digital manufacturing, where machines are capable of making parts to micron accuraci